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Host Marina: Minnow Bucket Marina


Registration will be ON SITE the morning of the tournament,

Click here to print your registration form and have it ready for tournament day.


Lake Fork Fall Competition - Where the Weekend Angler Can Compete!

Instead of scheduling another date in 2015 for a championship I would like to award the AOY top 5 in the format listed below. I believe that will keep more anglers interested in the hunt for the AOY race. We are going to a 4 tournament format for this series which I also believe will help keep guys in the competition and not bleed over into next years competitions.

I will guarantee $2000 minimum in the AOY fund so that the minimum paid to our top 3 AOY finishers would be.
1st. $1000+Free Entry in 2015
2nd. $600
3rd. $400
More competitors equals higher AOY payout's in December.

Points will be awarded 100 for 1st, 99 for 2nd, 98 for 3rd and so on. A tie in the points race will be settled by combining overall weight for the series.

We are also dropping the entry fee to $110 per team which includes BB. This will hopefully encourage some anglers who either feel their skill levels do not warrant a $160 entry or for those like many in this economy simply cannot afford it.
For those who like to play a little harder we have the Side Pot entry for an additional $50 for those who want to compete for higher stakes.

All Amateur Competition No Lake Fork Guides who have guided for pay on Lake Fork in 2014 or Tour/Elite Pros
$20 Membership per Angler
50% of membership goes to AOY Bonus
$110 Team Entry Includes BB
80% Payout at Ramp paying 1 in 5 of which 5% transfers to AOY Bonus Pay
All Anglers are in this pot.

(Want to Compete for a Bigger Payout)
$50 Side Pot Pays 90% 1 in 5

AOY Race and Bonus Pay competition for Teams Who Compete in All Four Qualifiers
1st Place-Free Entry 2015+50% of AOY Pot
2nd Place-30% of AOY Pot
3rd Place-20% of AOY Pot
4th Place-TBD
5th Place-TBD
I would like to extend this prize list to 10 places in prizes, if you or your company would like to participate please let me know what products you would like to share with our anglers.

All Start Times Posted are Leave Ramp Time
All Fishing Ceases @ 3:00PM Teams must be checked in @ The Minnow Bucket by 3:30PM

1. September 27, 2014 6:50AM-3:00PM
2. October 25, 2014 7:10AM-3:00PM
3. November 22, 2014  6:30AM-3:00PM
4. December 13, 2014 6:50AM-3:00PM*
*(Dinner and AOY Bonus Payouts)

TD: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - (214) 773-5451

For a complete list of the rules, click on 'Tournament Rules' at the bottom of the left sidebar.






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Disclaimer:  JC Outdoors strives to provide completely accurate information on this website regarding all series, tournaments and other events.  However, should a discrepancy be found between this site and the official rules located on the printed entry forms for each tournament, the rules on the official entry form supersedes all information located on this site.  If you locate an error on this site or for additional information, please contact the Tournament Director, Mark Howard, at (214) 773-5451.  Thank you.  - JC Outdoors